Fact-checking SNP Nairn’s paper – Part 2

Following on from EVEL, NHS spending and Barnett consequentials in Part 1, the second installment of fact-checking SNP Nairn’s misleading electoral leaflet deals with the deficit, the Scottish budget and TTIP. Let’s start with this graphic: I have no real problem with the bottom half of the graphic – that there is too much focus on benefit fraud when … More Fact-checking SNP Nairn’s paper – Part 2

Scottish Government health spending

A few months ago, Audit Scotland released a report on the funding of NHS Scotland which rightly received significant press coverage.  The headline finding was the SNP are reducing the health budget in real terms by 0.9% between 2013/14 and 2015/16. Understandably, opposition parties tried to make as much as they could of this revelation, highlighting the … More Scottish Government health spending