Scottish politics and binary fundamentalism

Last Sunday, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale gave what I considered to be a rather unremarkable interview in which she confirmed that Labour would seek to represent people in Scotland who had voted either Yes or No in last year’s independence referendum.  The horror. Not content with that bombshell, she also said “I’m not going to … More Scottish politics and binary fundamentalism

Some brief thoughts on Tim Farron’s speech

I’m not often moved by what politicians have to say and when I am it’s mostly being moved to throw something at the TV.  Not today. Today, Tim Farron made his first speech as leader at the Liberal Democrat’s autumn conference.  And it was a belter.  Impassioned, powerful and, most importantly, authentic, this was the … More Some brief thoughts on Tim Farron’s speech

Meme-busting : Wings Over Scotland & Infrastructure Spending

Not technically a “meme” but I’m sure we’ve all seen various versions of the claim that Scotland pays for a swathe of infrastructure investment in England, primarily London, from which we gain no economic benefit.  These claims make their way onto various nationalist memes, including this one posted by SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, and are encapsulated … More Meme-busting : Wings Over Scotland & Infrastructure Spending

GERS-denying and wishful thinking

GERS, the Government Expenditure Revenue Scotland figures, really shouldn’t be that controversial a subject.  In fact, for most people they’ll be an interminable bore.  Yet time and again, over the course of the last year or so, the “debate” in Scotland swings back to GERS and, primarily, its accuracy. For those who aren’t aware, GERS “estimates … More GERS-denying and wishful thinking

Meme-busting: Scotland’s share of oil revenues

For the second meme-busting article, we’ll go with this: The meme is trying to argue that, even with oil price volatility, an independent Scotland would receive more in oil and gas revenues than we currently do within the UK. Let’s look at it line-by-line: Oil Price per barrel: ok, they’ve chosen two arbitrary figures for … More Meme-busting: Scotland’s share of oil revenues