Growth Commission – Who’s Listening?

Today, the SNP’s Growth Commission will finally publish its report – a “look afresh at the challenges and opportunities” of independence ordered by the First Minister in September 2016, shortly after the constitutional opportunity of Brexit presented itself. The release of the report, now titled Scotland: The New Case for Optimism, will seemingly precipitate a … More Growth Commission – Who’s Listening?

GERS: Volume 4516

************************************************************************** In his latest blog seeking reasons to undermine the Scottish Government’s GERS publication, Professor Richard Murphy argues that Scotland’s notional fiscal deficit may be “seriously overstated” because we are not assigned revenues arising from non-identifiable spending that takes place in the rest of the UK.  Taking a detailed look at what non-identifiable spending actually … More GERS: Volume 4516

Sleekit for Scotland

The SNP launched its manifesto for the 2017 General Election today.  It contained the usual bits on policies they’d like to see in Westminster but run away from at Holyrood, something about an independence referendum and a bit of good old-fashioned propaganda on their record to date – including this graphic: I haven’t checked the … More Sleekit for Scotland

Ways and Means

Recent constitutional debates in the UK have had the tendency for wild proclamations of superior outcomes with no practical detail on how said outcomes are to be achieved. This was most obvious in the recent EU Referendum where, even months after the result, there are still endless questions on what Brexit actually means.  This paucity of detail allowed the … More Ways and Means

Trading Places

Regardless of your vote in the EU Referendum, most would agree Brexit will be a challenge to us all.  Beyond the tangible and very real challenges of citizens’ rights, currency fluctuation and disentanglement from a union that has helped shape our laws for 40 years, the UK’s decision to leave the EU represents a difficult … More Trading Places

Data without information… Now with data

Last week, NHS Scotland’s statistics service (Information Services Division Scotland LINK) released the latest figures for cancellations of elective operations, i.e non-emergency surgery.  The figures showed a seemingly high level of cancellations due to a lack of hospital capacity and a noticeable increase from last year.  As you’d expect, the opposition parties and various newspaper … More Data without information… Now with data